Can I Buy a Car w/ Little or No Credit?

How You Can Buy a Car w/ Little or No Credit in Kansas City, MO Is it possible to qualify for an auto loan for a new car if you don’t have a credit history, or have a low credit score? The short answer is yes.
Your credit score tells lenders the likelihood that you can pay back a loan, based on your past history of loan payments. A high score tells lenders that you are reliable while a low score indicates you’ve had problems making payments before. Because of this, it can be difficult for those with bad credit to qualify for a loan. Thankfully, Honda of Tiffany Springs employs bad credit loan experts specifically for customers who need a car but have suffered credit problems. We believe everyone deserves access to reliable transportation, and we’ve helped out those in every kind of credit situation, including those who’ve had cars repossessed or who have declared bankruptcy!

What credit score is needed to buy a car? If your credit score is above 600, you should not have difficulty ob…

How Can I Rebuild My Credit Score?

Can I Rebuild My Credit Score with an Auto Loan?
If you have a poor credit score, or no credit, then an auto loan is the simplest and most reliable method to build it back up, and quickly. The auto finance center at Honda of Tiffany Springs in Kansas City, MO works with customers who have bad credit and no credit to help them get the car they need and find an auto loan that can help them build their credit score. Here’s what you need to know:

While attempting to pay off your loan quickly may seem like the best way to prove your solvency, the truth is the opposite. Small payments over a long period of time will prove your reliability better than large payments over a short period of time.Consistency is the key. Even a single late payment can disrupt your credit-rebuilding plan.Borrow only what you can afford. If you are unable to make your payments, you risk damaging your credit score even further.Take your other expenses into consideration when budgeting for your auto loan payments. I…

The 2019 Honda Fit is Now Here

The 2019 Honda Fit is Now HereGet Your Honda Fit!Contact Us!
Do you love the Honda Fit? The 2019 model year is now available at Honda of Tiffany Springs, and for just $16,190 starting MSRP, you can get this fun subcompact hatchback that was ranked #1 in its segment and was named the “Best Subcompact Car for the Money” by U.S. News & World Report in 2018. What You Need To KnowThe 2019 Honda Fit is available in four trim styles: LX, Sport, EX, and EX-L.The 2019 Honda Fit has a 1.5L I4 engine rated at 130 HP and 114 lb.-ft. of torque.It achieves 29 MPG city/36 MPG highway with the manual transmission, and 33 MPG city/40 MPG highway with the CVT.The Honda Fit holds up to five passenger seats. Both leather seats and heated front seats are available.Every new Honda Fit comes with a rearview camera and Bluetooth® wireless technology.Available technology includes Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto™ integration and the Honda Sensing® active safety suite with automatic emergency braking and adapt…

HondaLink® Technology Available in Kansas City, MO

Drivers in the Kansas City area may be interested in the captivating new technology featured in most new Honda vehicles. ​ Honda of Tiffany Springs has the answers to your questions about HondaLink tech and how it can improve your driving experience day after day.

What is HondaLink Technology?

HondaLink is Honda’s exclusive infotainment system that allows you to sync up your smart device to your vehicle for a connective experience like nothing else.

What conveniences does HondaLink provide?

HondaLink has numerous exciting features for you to explore from your Honda touchscreen, or your smartphone and PC.

Schedule auto service appointmentsBrowse social media feedsEnjoy internet radioView battery levels and find charging stations in driving range for the electric Honda modelsListen to news, weather, and traffic reportsAccess 3D navigationFind points of interest and restaurant recommendations

Next Generation HondaLink Available in Select Models: 

2016 Honda Pilot2014-2015 Honda Civic2015 Hond…

Honda Sensing™ Technology for Kansas City, MO Drivers

New Honda CarsContact Us!Current OffersHonda has a goal of making crashes a thing of the past. By model year 2020, Honda wants auto collisions to be reduced by 50-percent. To help make this goal a reality, Honda has implemented automated safety systems with Honda Sensing™. This Honda safety tech is available on several models at our dealership in Kansas City, MO. On this page, you will learn all about the features that make our roads safer for passengers and pedestrians alike.

If you have questions about any of the features or their availability, give the team at Honda of Tiffany Springs a call at (866) 205-1181.
What is Honda Sensing™ Technology?
Honda Sensing™ technology is a suite of advanced Honda-exclusive safety features designed to increase your awareness in various situations while driving. Audible and visual warnings, radars, and cameras work together to detect and warn you about potential collisions, helping you to react in time. If you don’t, some safety systems will automatic…

Honda Adaptive Cruise Control Makes Highway Driving Easier and Safer Than Ever for Kansas City, MO Drivers

Honda Adaptive Cruise Control Makes Highway Driving Easier and Safer Than Ever for Kansas City, MO Drivers As a part of the Honda SensingTM active safety feature suite of driving aids, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) lets you set your following distance as well as speed. When the car in front of you slows down, your ACC equipped Honda will slow down to maintain the same following distance, preventing a possible collision. This is particularly helpful for those long drives on the highway or across the country.
There are several all-new models that are available with Honda SensingTM​ technology equipped with ACC, and you can locate them online before visiting our dealership near Kansas City, MO.
2017 Honda Accord
From the sporty​ 2017​ Accord Sedan​ & 2017 Accord Coupe to the incredibly fuel efficient 2017 Accord Hybrid, all 2017 Accord models offer the option to add Honda SensingTM​ with Adaptive Cruise Control. There’s a reason IIHS chose the 2017 Accord as a​ Top Safety Pick+ awar…

Winterizing Your Honda in Kansas City, MO

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The winter months can take a toll on your car, which can result in a harder time getting around. Preparing your car for winter is a precautionary step that you’ll thank yourself for later. In addition to making sure your car, truck, or SUV is on its maintenance schedule, a service appointment at our Honda dealership in Kansas City, MO will help you drive with greater peace of mind. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your car for winter.

Check List
No one expects to, but it’s possible for you to get stranded in the middle of a blizzard or during frigid temperatures, which can be life threatening. Take care of any maintenance issues you’re aware of first. For example, if any warning lights are lit on your vehicle’s dashboard, have it checked immediately. While you’re at it, have the following components checked as well:
If your car battery dies in the middle of winter, you’re stuck calling a tow truck. While you wait, you can’t even keep warm because your car has no pow…